Covid-19 Information

We are still running things a little different from normal. Here's a reminder of the main differences this season:

  • You do not have to wear a face mask, but it is encouraged, at least until you are seated.
  • Our screenings will continue to be socially distanced for the time being.
  • Please book in advance either via the link on our film pages or direct on the Alhambra website.
  • Once at the cinema, please do not crowd into the foyer, but wait outside till the usher says you are good to go.
  • Please follow the ushers instructions and sit where they ask.
  • In order to avoid contact as much as possible we are not intending to have a membership desk or membership cards.
  • There are no Season Passes, as we cannot announce all the films in advance.
  • We are continuing with the online rating survey instead of voting slips. You can vote on the website after each film until the end of Tuesday.