Osprey Short Film Awards

Saturday 29th February 2pm, The Alhambra

2020 Official Selection

Open Award Winner

A Pink Christmas
Adam Ibbotson (7 mins 10 secs) Open

During the lead up to Christmas a man comes to terms with his past, his marriage, and his life.

Student Award Winner

Signal Film and Media BFI Film Academy 2018-19 (8 mins 41 secs) Student

Emily wants independence, and Mum can't let go, as they battle for who is in the 'driving seat'. A film made by 16-19yr old first-time filmmakers as part of the BFI Film Academy delivered by Signal Film and Media.

Audience Award Winner

Gillian Harker (10 mins) Open | F-Rated

Tom and Kelly have, on the surface, a passionate, loving relationship. But Tom has a shameful secret he is desperate to keep hidden from Kelly.

Other Shortlisted Films

I Am A Fellrunner
Jessie Leong & Julie Carter (4 mins 24 secs) Open | F-Rated

Fell running requires self-reliance, the ability to navigate and survive in all weathers, racing over rough terrain which can be tough but intensely rewarding. Fell running is rooted in the mountains of Cumbria with some iconic races set in the northern fells around Keswick. Yet competition is not the only objective. Through the evocation of a poem, 'I am a Fellrunner,' explores the way in which one woman is defined as a fellrunner in the place where she belongs.

Topos: Tethera
Nic Sandiland (5 mins) Open

This film is the final piece in a trilogy of work inspired by mountains. It explores the concept of vertical choreography and the similarities between Labanotation - the written notation that dancers use - and 'topos' - the written notation that climbers use to navigate their routes.

Harry Anderson (10 mins ) Student

INK. Follows a man who awakens in a strange dark space, with 2 buttons and a screen in front of him, telling him to make a choice. Unaware of what is happening or the possible consequences of his decision the man is being monitored by a strange figure, why is the man being tested? Who is the strange figure? Is this real? These are the questions that shall be answered by the end of the film.

No Fixed Address
Signal Film and Media Get Digital (2 mins 42 secs) Student

Based on a poem by MWhatley ('Sofa-Surfing') as part of a campaign to tackle 'hidden homelessness' amongst Cumbrian young people in conjunction with Nightstop Cumbria. Visuals and performance created by Get Digital participants aged 16-19 through Signal Film and Media in Barrow-in-Furness.

A Funny Old World
David Bryan Lee (3 mins) Student

This Three-Minute short noir film depicts a crime oriented world inspired by Prohibition America. It follows the story of Jack, a renowned hitman set up by the Mafia and preparing for the inevitable, with a price on his head set to go out at midnight...

Filmmakers Network

As well as showcasing great short films we also hope the Ospreys will provide opportunities for film makers to meet each other and possibly collaborate on future projects. We have created a group on Facebook called the Osprey Filmmakers Network which we invite you to join if you have entered or film in the past of are thinking of doing so in the future, or perhaps you'd like to get involved in some other way.

Osprey Filmmakers Network: http://bit.ly/OspreysNet

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