Sunday 6th October 5:00 PM


The first of this season’s ‘new UK Directors theme’, takes us to a a soapy London suburb where all is not as well as it looks on the surface. At the centre of the action is Skunk, an 11 year old diabetic, played to universal acclaim by new-comer Eloise Lawrence. Her father, Archie (Tim Roth) is the ‘nice guy’, doing his best to look after Skunk and her brother.

The ‘bad guy’ is Skunk’s angry neighbour Mr Oswald (Rory Kinnear), who seems to bring darkness into her life. An everyday story of suburban life?

Rufus Norris started his directing career in the theatre (‘London Road’), but this is his film debut. He has met with much critical acclaim, with nominations for ‘Best British New-comer’ and ‘European Discovery of the Year’; ‘this is stirring stuff from a director who's well worth keeping an eye on’ - Adam Woodward, Little White Lies. In producing this good British indie drama, he is being compared to the likes of Andrea Arnold, will we agree? Either way, we can look forward to some great acting.




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