Sunday 26th February 9:00 PM


Single mother Anna (Noomi Rapace) is moved with her 8 year old son Anders (Vetle Qvenild Werring) to a secret address outside Oslo, fleeing as they are from her abusive husband. Fearing for their lives, Anna is perpetually terrified that she and her vulnerable son will be found at any moment. So that Anders can sleep in his own bed, and to allay the suspicions of her supposed protectors, Anna invests in a babycall monitor. However, sequestered in the symmetrical monotone concrete of the flat, a legacy of short-sighted 1960s Oslo architecture, Anna hears the babycall pick up the distressed voice of another troubled child.

When no trace of this child can be found, Anna’s fragile psychological state is called into question.

Thanks to Soda Pictures.


“Another unusual, and unsettling, urban thriller”



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