The Best Intentions

Saturday 12th February 5:00 PM


The Dane Bille August directs an Ingmar Bergman script based on the youth of Bergman's parents. The film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and Pernilla August won Best Actress. It's eloquent, moving, intense. 'I spent a long time wandering...through the streets and settings of my childhood... And in these settings I encountered my parents. Not the mystical figures I've already struggled with for so many years of my adult life, but two young people...He, very poor, comes from extremely difficult circumstances. She is a much-loved, spoilt princess in a well-established middle class milieu surrounded by a large family.' (Ingmar Bergman)


“A film for grown-up audiences that challenges and enriches.”

Rita Kempley, Washington Post



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