Sunday 24th January 5:00 PM


BirdWatchers is an unusual and sympathetic exploration of a diminishing society driven to near extinction by capitalism and colonialism. The opposing worlds of the Guarani Indians (excellent natural actors) and the farmers of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, engage in a metaphorical as well as a real war. The former are enclosed in reserves, with no other perspective except that of working as semi-slaves in sugar beet plantations; the latter lead a wealthy and leisurely existence owning huge fields with transgenic plantations. But as well as anger, both sides are also fascinated and curious about “the other” - a curiosity that will create a deep bond between the young shaman apprentice Osvaldo, and a farmer’s daughter...


“The script resonates with strong themes that address social and ecological issues regarding the environment versus the pressures of a global economy.”

Matthew Turner, Viewlondon