Bad Education

Sunday 19th September 5:30 PM


Almodovar has followed the outstanding Talk to Her with a beautifully crafted and complex tragicomedy, furthering his already considerable reputation as one of Europe's most distinctive and popular filmmakers.

As young boys, Enrique and Ignacio fell in love at the Catholic Boarding school they attended, but the affair was destroyed by an abusive priest.

Years later an actor claiming to be Ignacio (rising star Gael Garcia Bernal) turns up at the offices of film director Enrique Goded, with a story based on those childhood experiences. As he reads, complex layers of fiction, memory and illusion unravel. The mystery deepens further when the real priest appears with his own revelations.


“a dizzying and rapturous noir melodrama, with layers of confusion and contradiction”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian