Barbarian Invasions

Sunday 26th September 5:30 PM


Rémy, self-styled hedonist and "sensual socialist" is dying. Alienated son Sébastian, international banker and "arch-capitalist," reluctantly visits. Moved by his father's situation, Sébastian ruthlessly strives to achieve the impossible - to make his father's death a happy one.

Told with such delicate wit and delight, this film is a treasure. The film's targets are numerous - hospital bureaucracy, the crumbling Welfare State, union corruption, the Roman Catholic Church and the dumbing-down of Western society.

Yes, there is sadness, addiction and death, but mainly this is a film about warmth and laughter and the sheer perversity of humanity.

Best Foreign Language Film, 2004 Oscars


“An intelligent interest in ideas that is rare in cinema.”

Philip French, The Observer